Reasons I Am Considering Electronic Cigarettes

As I think about stopping my lifelong smoking habit, one of the things I’m considering using as an aid to that process is electronic cigarettes. I have talked to numerous people in my life about this decision, and I’ve gotten mixed reactions from them. Some people have told me that I should simply be strong enough to quit cold turkey because using an aid like electronic cigarettes is nothing more than a crutch that will eventually come back to bite me.

However, on another hand, I have also been the recipient of very positive and supportive talk about my potential decision to use electronic cigarettes. The general feeling among the people who are positive is that if I can find something that helps me, why not use it to my best advantage?

For me, the reasons why I’m considering utilizing electronic cigarettes and eliquid UK are many and varied, but most of them boil down to the fact that I simply do not have the desire to put myself through all of the discomfort – both physical and psychological – that would come with quitting cigarettes cold turkey with no interim bridge aid at all to ease the transition.